Are Kmart’s street-smart kids talking our language?

Is this new ad from DraftFCB for Kmart irritating or what?

My friend George Parker of Adscam fame is in no doubt that it is (although George is occasionally moved to question the doings at what used to be Chicago’s biggest agency).

Reminds me of the time a few years ago when I was chauffeuring some of a boys’ football team (the legendary Crouch End Eagles if you must know) to some god-forskaken grass lookalike in the East End. For the first half of the journey they expressed themselves loudly and exclusively (and with no hint of irony) in what I can only describe as Jamaican patois.

I then invited them to switch to English or walk. Was I being racist as well as an unreasonably grumpy parent?

Hope not. Anyway, I’m staying out of the Kmart debate.

One Comment

  1. This is really rich…please!!!!! Who came up with this ridiculous commercial? Not only is it racist, but literally so stupid and stupefying. What is wrong with you people? Is it not enough that our children today barely know English and the rudiments of its grammar, that you go and compound it by actually hiring children to emulate street thugs and their speech. Give me a break! What are you trying to do? Some role models!!!!!!! Children are so impressionable, any one of them seeing this commercial will think it’s “cool”‘ thus they will definitely mimic those kids. I find it extremely offensive. Children today barely open a book…some cannot even read. Why don’t you think of staging a commercial that teaches something positive? It would feel a lot more rewarding…but wait, I see, you are more concerned about how much money this idiotic commercial brings you. We are already so behind the rest of the world academically, why make it worse? This is very upsetting and heart-breaking…truly!

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