W+K London enters the barbecue lists for Tesco

Is it possible to produce an un-cheesy ad featuring a barbecue?

The wholly unexpected British summer has had agencies defrosting their barbecue scripts from cold storage and Wieden+Kennedy London enters the fray with this, one of the latest in its ‘Love Every Mouthful’ campaign for Tesco.

It’s not just a barbecue mis-en scene of course, there’s a bit of everything in there. Which some will regard as a mess, others as an expression of glorious spontaneity.

Doing chickens for Tesco invites comparisons with a famous campaign of the past of course, from Lowe Howard-Spink.

Can’t really see the current Tesco regime buying something as brave as this though.


  1. Draft 2.
    Wieden+Kennedy and Tesco are very conscious of the great chicken-related advertising heritage of Dud and his search. If you look at 0.15 in the barbecue spot and 2.26 in the Dudley Moore compilation, you’ll see there’s a wee ‘homage’ in the new ad: we’ve cut Dudley’s original shadow-chicken into the new spot.

  2. @Neil…
    Never forget it’s called an “Homage.” As my old friend Steve Hayden once explained to me… It’s much better in French.

  3. @Neil…
    Ooops, I meant to say that the reason it’s called an “Homage” is ‘cos as my old friend Steve Hayden once explained to me… It sounds so much posher in French.
    Got to cut down on the Idaho Potato Vodka… Well, before breakfast.

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