W+K London and Tesco: meaty new steak ad, Finest idents for Downton Abbey and result from TAG

Tesco’s ‘Love Every Mouthful’ campaign is producing hours of fun for the ever-critical UK ad industry as the apparently never-ending stream of would-be yummy food ads pours out of Wieden+Kennedy London. There may be a bit of jealousy here on the part of agencies that only make half a dozen commercials a year.

The last one we had was barbecues (always something of a problem, people just look silly barbecuing), now the agency has something a bit meatier to get its teeth into: 21-day aged steak.

And, for the first time maybe, the cartoon characters (Spike the bulldog from Tom & Jerry here, by the looks of it) punch their weight. American animators of the classic era just loved big steaks.

Tesco seems to like the ads too. W+K has also been charged with producing the idents for the forthcoming Tesco Finest-sponsored series of top-rating ITV drama Downton Abbey and some packaging work.

The agency will also be relieved that production company TAG has held on to the production part of the £140m Tesco account (it’s probably gone up a bit since last year, given all these ads) against an assault from WPP’s Hogarth.

This looked like a back way in to Tesco for WPP (JWT pitched for the creative account). WPP remains strangely light of UK retailers with the exception of Marks & Spencer at RKCY/Y&R. JWT Cheetham Bell in Manchester recently lost £4m BHS to Y&R breakaway Joint.

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