Star Alliance EVA Air takes flight to paradise in new CHI Bates campaign

We’ve seen pretty daft airline ads recently and here’s another contender, for EVA Air by CHI Bates and David in Singapore.

There was a funny cartoon in a British paper recently with one Ryanair passenger saying to his neighbour: “you pay extra if you look out of the window” or something like that.

No such restrictions at EVA Air clearly, as our hero sees education, art, trust and paradise among other agreeable sights.

Taiwan-based EVA Air is celebrating signing up for Star Alliance with this so an element of grandiosity may be forgiven. And over 100,000 people have watched it on YouTube in a week so it must be hitting a spot of sorts.

Maybe air travel has become so grim that you have to show something else entirely. A bit like cigarette ads used to do.

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