BETC London brands Crossroads girls as Madams

When you think of Soho, London, what comes to mind? Some of civilisation’s oldest professions: such as advertising and, er, creative production services. Of course it does. And just to dispel any possible misunderstanding, BETC London have stamped an unforgettable and wholly original brand identity on the latest production company to open its doors there.

Meet Madam, launched by three feisty females – Michelle Stapleton (ex Brave and Wanted); Carly Stone (Crossroads Films and Cowboy) and Pippa Bhatt (ditto and The Sweet Shop). Well, how better brand three highly experienced women who are in the business of providing – and we quote from the release – “a highly skilled and bespoke service to fulfill… creative fantasies”?

Central to this saucy feminine identity are photographed images of the Madam brand name cunningly interlaced in what appear to be lingerie imprints left by garter, knicker and bra lines. These images will permeate all corporate livery from website, to stationery and business cards.

Make no mistake, this is a classy, upmarket positioning, as BETC London head of art Simon Morris is at pains to explain: “The name Madam is a gift with a rich set of raw materials for any designer. But it is important to choose the less obvious, clichéd connotations and be subtle and sophisticated with visuals – rather than show a suspender belt we suggest the presence of one.”

Phew, that’s a relief. Just for a moment, Simon, we thought you were promoting a low-rent Soho knocking-shop. Now we know for sure that it’s classy.

Madam has already picked up a number of respectable clients, including the BBC, LG and Johnson & Johnson. We are certain that the name optimises well on the web. But might it not attract some who are – frankly – a little less reputable?

Editor’s note: Madam, Soho. Not to be confused with Michael Lee’s agency search consultancy of the same name. Definitely not.

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