MySpace relaunches with boring old young hipsters

At the risk of joining Paul Simons’ grumpy old men, here’s the horrible new ad for the $20m relaunch of MySpace, the social network pioneer that was bought by Rupert Murdoch for $630m and sold a few years later for $30m.

New MySpace majors on young creatives, chiefly musicians, who, among other things, ‘curate’ its new music offering MyRadio, a competitor to Apple’s iRadio presumably.

They’re also ‘hipsters’ who are ‘slightly anarchistic’ according to the company. How can you be slightly anarchistic? Throw a bit of a bomb?

We see so many ads like this – not for social media sites (at least Facebook tries to be different) but for the gadgets that access them. They’re just as cliched as the old ‘two c’s in a k’ (forgotten what it stands for) they used to churn out for the likes of Fairy Liquid and Palmolive.

One Comment

  1. What a load of old cobblers… Talk about fucking cliche central. I though Justin Timberlake (Doesn’t he make hiking boots?) was an investor in this piece of shit. Does he think this is “Hip & Groovy?” Like you said, the “Wizened of Oz” blew $600 million on MySpace… Does anybody learn anything? There’s more on “AdScam.”

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