Cesar and AMV pull the doggy heartstrings

AMV/BBDO has a hit on its hands with this ad for Mars-owned Cesar dog food but it’s a bit weird.

Old man in Italy or Spain (or maybe Greece, AMV is keen on nice films in collapsing southern European economies at the moment) goes to lay some flowers on a grave accompanied by affectionate (and not very Latin) pooch, who is then rewarded with you-know-what. And the line? ‘Love them back.’

Well, he’s alone, having lost his wife (or possibly Berlusconi-style 18 year-old mistress although I doubt that somehow) but the dog still loves him so he’s loving it back with Cesar. Is that it?

All very nicely done – with the help of Andy McLeod at Rattling Stick, a pretty safe pair of hands – but a touch de trop? It’s dog food after all.

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