Apple and TBWA – now they’re both losing the plot

First Apple, for so long the ‘alternative corporation,’ is revealed in its true colours as a tax-dodger on a mighty scale, with huge damage to its post-Steve Jobs image (although Jobs instituted the policy, of course) and the plague seems to have spread to agency TBWA Media Arts Lab which has just revealed this shocker of an ad.

What can you say? Apple ads used to present the company through its products as different, better, even funny. This is saying ‘love us because we’re Apple.’

Well we don’t.

One Comment

  1. I am a follower of your articles and they provide great insight, however, gotta say, you went overboard with this one. It was nice and spoke what Apple stands for, what Steve Jobs used to keep saying in his conferences, seminars…I personally loved the ad.

    Though you gotta agree that it’s better than the half baked attempt at humor by Galaxy S4.

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