Now McDonald’s tries a British spin on America

Leo Burnett in the UK is always producing nice ads for McDonald’s – and here’s another one.

This is for McD’s ‘Great Taste of America’ promotion and features some diverting contrasts between life over there and life over here (the UK).

What’s not to like? Maybe the product doesn’t measure up to the advertising?

McDonald’s UK can be quite a strange organisation. Years ago, in a different life, my company was hired to produce their in-house mag, aimed mainly at franchisees. This relationship wasn’t helped by the fact that I completely forgot about the first meeting and had to field angry phone calls in a bar in Clerkenwell.

After this things improved a bit (well they had to) but the company was completely stymied by being lumbered with a massive ‘healthy McDonald’s’ drive: trying to flog over-priced apple slices when the UK was going through one of its regular recessions and everybody wanted cheap burgers.

I remember talking to one marketing manager in his car as he was driving up north somewhere and the mere mention of these bits of fruit and veg almost drove him to apoplexy; I thought he was going to prang the office BMW and himself.

Is this why I think the Burnett campaign is a teeny bit subversive? But it’s impeccable advertising – and all in thirty seconds too.

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