It’s scam ads week, a minimal ad too far for Aldi, Mother wages war on gnomes, here comes the sun

***At the moment the scam ads ‘scandal,’ if such it is, has been confined to mad creatives somehow or other running ads that were unapproved by the client and, in the case of JWT India’s now celebrated Ford Figo ad (left), the agency’s very top management (the creative management have resigned). Hmm.

Do we really believe all this? Or is a bigger scandal – networks bullying their creatives into winning awards points at any cost – about to break?

In terms of the Indian Goafest festival there are ads being withdrawn all over the place – by Leo Burnett and BBDO among others. Will they have any left?

Why don’t awards organisers demand proof that the ‘client’ (which usually seems to be the agency in these cases) spent, say, $100,000 on the campaign? That would sort out the men from the (cheating possibly) boys.

***Aldi and McCann Manchester have produced another of their award-winning minimal ads; this one featuring its beef farmers (I believe Aldi found a bit of horse meat in some of its non-equine products).

But this one doesn’t quite cut the mustard.

Maybe they thought they had to do it anyway.

Mother London has just produced an ad for IKEA waging war on garden gnomes. I’m all for this – my late mother had one or two in the garden, she thought they were funny (I demurred).

Still can’t see what it’s really about though.

And so to the weekend, where here in London it’s supposed to be sunny (at long last).

Don’t you miss George?


  1. Stephen…
    Obviously, the Mother ad for IKEA is a none too subtle attack on “The Poisoned Dwarf.” Look for retaliation when WPP forms “Team Gnome.” No one fucks with Sir Martin and gets away with it!

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