Shock as BMW ads go from gong gong to dong dong

BMW is instituting a radical transformation of its advertiisng strategy – going from ‘gong gong’ to ‘dong dong’ at the end of its ads. Yes, you read it here first – unless you read it first on Brand Channel, which reports the company’s guff-laden rationale in full.

Here’s (some of) what BMW says: “The melody is introduced by a rising resonant sound and underscored by two distinctive bass tones that form the sound logo’s melodic and rhythmic basis.”

And people get paid for doing this.

Here’s the dong dong for real in an ad for BMW’s 4-series ,concept car.’ This is rather more interesting, it seems to be a sporty coupe that sits between the 3-series and 5-series, a bit like Audi’s A5.

Can’t see that the dongs add very much, but there you go.

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