W+K London produces greatest hits credentials

Agency credentials presentations are just one reason for not becoming a client; long and implausible might sum up many of them.

I used to like them in the days when they depended on the managing director successfully working a fiendish bit of Sony kit. He or, more rarely, she never could so they often didn’t take that long.

Wieden+Kennedy London is saving us all the bother with this two-minute film, ‘Change the world,’ on its website, featuring quick-cut bits of its greatest hits (but what’s Wayne Rooney doing there for Nike? Thought that was Amsterdam).

W+K London Credentials 2012 from Wieden + Kennedy London on Vimeo.

So is this one short and plausible? Yeah, mostly. Although it’s difficult to make websites and stuff look attractive on film.


  1. Thanks for this. The Nike ‘Write the Future’ spot featuring a bearded Wayne Rooney was a joint effort between W+K London and Amsterdam offices, created by Stuart Harkness and Freddie Powell here in London.
    Now I look at this edit again, it’s already out of date. Must do a new one.

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