Wieden+Kennedy’s latest for Kraft’s Velveeta is a (welcome) touch less cheesy

My friend George Parker of Adscam really hates this Wieden+Kennedy campaign for Kraft’s Velveeta and George, as ever, has a point.

But this latest in the series (there are a few of them) isn’t as ‘cheesy’ as the previous efforts, which tried too hard and it showed. There isn’t always a 30 Rock in a cheese ad.

Basically this is selling crap products in the kitchen; the staple diet of most FMCG companies and their agencies since the year dot.

And, of its ilk, not so bad.


  1. Steve…
    Why do I have the feeling that when Neil Christie is presenting the “Global” reel to a prospective client, these abominations will not be on it?

  2. Oooops…
    Didn’t see the W+K greatest hits post before doing this last comment. I am a wanker. Plus I was pissed on fine Idaho Potato Vodka here in the Fourth Reich.

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