Mother wins $240m Burger King and debuts with spots for anything other than burgers

Well that’s what they do these days – burgers bring in the punters but coffee etc is the message you want to send out.

Which is what Mother New York is doing in its first campaign for Burger King since winning (yesterday) its $240m US account.

Mind you, the Burger King account is not the easiest of rides: Mcgarrybowen was supposed to have won it last year after new owners 3G Capital (who now own Heinz along with Warren Buffet) sacked long-serving agency Crispin Porter.

Mother muscled its way onto the roster soon after Mcgarrybowen was supposed to have won the business with a horrible celebrity-laden campaign, but maybe it worked.

And the agency certainly seems to be making waves in New York. It seems to be quite prepared to be more American than the Americans when circumstances dictate, unlike BBH, for example, which has remained a minority taste in the Big Apple partly through its ‘Britishness.’

If you want to beat them, join them….next stop Heinz?

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