Mother New York and Burger King cop more flak, this time from Mary J. Blige and her fans

Mother New York’s celeb-laden campaign for Burger King is causing a right old stir with the agency being accused of selling out (although taking the client’s money is part of the agreement surely) while hip-hop queen Mary J. Blige and her fans are up in arms because the first version of the ad with her to be released missed a dream sequence, which apparently makes it better and she’s plugging supposedly stereotypical fried chicken. The ad has been pulled but it’s here in a video made by a fan, who’s anything but a fan of Mary warbling about chicken.

Mother is enduring a few slings and arrows on both sides of the Atlantic just now. Mother London’s most recent ad for in the UK was variously described as raucous, coarse and vulgar by many (and those were the people who quite liked it).

You can see what the agency is trying to do in the celeb campaign (send up the celebs) but the results are patchy, to put it mildly. As for Moneysupermarket, like Burger King, it’s another attempt to send up a genre that ends up being even more annoying than the original.

So is Mother morphing into McCann? That’s hardly fair. Not least on McCann, judging by the above two ads.

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