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Will Covid-19 kill off newspapers for good?

One of the bigger commercial victims of the Covid-19 outbreak is the newspaper industry – when all this ends in the UK and other places there may not be one. Newspapers have been converting to digital as fast as they ...

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Newsworks’ polite plea won’t turn back online tide

More newspapers, this time its newspaper marketing body Newsworks trying to persuade advertisers to cease their gadarene rush to digital/online and save some money for the poor old sinking press. So it’s signed up agency Holmes Hobbs Marcantonio to produce ...

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Does the Guardian’s newspaper and digital strategy actually add up?

The Guardian has said it may be forced to make compulsory redundancies as its efforts to persuade journalists to leave voluntarily have failed. It was seeking up to 100 voluntary redundancies but only 30 or so people signed up. According ...

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