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Leveson is side-tracked by the politicians but Rebekah Brooks’ day in court may be the clincher

The UK’s Leveson Inquiry into media ethics, set up by PM David Cameron to take the heat off politicians for their cosy relationships with law-breaking newspaper groups, has well and truly backfired. For Cameron and co obviously, because their cringe-making ...

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Craig Oliver and Norman Smith Leveson spat shows why spinners and hacks will always hate each other

The Leveson Inquiry entertainment goes on, with Tony Blair appearing earlier this week and being engagingly Tony-ish (the bastard), education secretary Michael Gove (a former employee of Rupert Murdoch as a journalist at the The Times) annoying his lordship with ...

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What a busy week: Facebook IPO fiasco, Adam & Eve goes for mind-boggling £60m, Jeremy Hunt on way out and why aren’t we on Google News?

OK, let’s take it from the top: Facebook’s IPO was a fiasco as there was clearly information available about the company’s struggle to reach ad revenue targets that were made available to some investors (the big boys) and not the ...

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