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Stephen Broderick of FirmDecisions: post-ISBA, mid-crisis we still need to address programmatic supply chain

With some fanfare and no-little delay, ISBA has published a new study into programmatic advertising. The report found that about half – at best – of leading brands’ programmatic spend actually reaches publishers. The rest is eroded along the supply ...

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Fiona Foy: why advertiser-agency dialogue is the key to transparent media trading

All good relationships thrive on trust and openness. This is very definitely the case when it comes to the relationships that advertisers have with agency and tech partners. And it’s especially true of the relationships between brands and media agencies ...

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Federica Bowman of FirmDecisions: why we still need to see financial transparency in media

For the past three years, the media and marketing industry has at last taken some bold and confident steps on the journey towards transparency. The increasingly complex media landscape – particularly the sometimes byzantine digital media trading ecosystem, with multiple ...

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Stephen Broderick of FirmDecisions: why transparency in media really shouldn’t be a new concept

Transparency has dominated debate in media and marketing for the last few years. First there was the investigation, recommendations and transparency initiative from the US Association of National Advertisers (ANA) in 2016. Then P&G’s CMO Mark Pritchard gave keynote conference ...

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