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Adele hails 50-year old brand James Bond

Not many entertainment brands last for 50 years but Ian Fleming’s James Bond has. Actually Bond in the films isn’t very much like Bond in the books, who was an upper crust Englishman who had his cigarettes hand-rolled in Jermyn ...

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Here’s a (very small) taste of what Heineken has in store for James Bond

One of the most eagerly-awaited ads of the year is Heineken and Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam’s effort for the new James Bond Skyfall film which comes out soon. Heineken is the film’s main sponsor and has (allegedly) replaced martinis and champagne as ...

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Coke Zero muscles in on James Bond Skyfall movie

I thought Heineken was the drink to be featured in the new James Bond film Skyfall (the real Bond drinks martinis and Dom Perignon, we all know that) but Coke Zero is muscling in on the action with this campaign ...

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Will James Bond actor Daniel Craig really star in Heineken commercials?

He might do as Heineken is claiming that its new deal with the James Bond franchise owners will include Daniel Craig’s ‘participation’ in Heineken’s ‘Open your world’ campaign from Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam (Heineken has just extended its 15-year sponsorship deal). The ...

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Here’s Daniel Craig in a frock to support the sisterhood at Equals

Actor Daniel Craig begins in James Bond mode for this film from charity Equals for International Women’s Day but, following an ear-bashing from fellow Bond film performer Judy Dench in her ‘M’ mode, swaps to a patterned frock that makes ...

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Can Lions Gate’s Mad Men ride to the rescue of MGM’s James Bond?

They just might as Mad Men producer Lions Gate is offering to merge with stricken film studio MGM which is about to slide into bankruptcy. MGM’s most valuable franchise is James Bond but filming of the latest in the never-ending ...

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