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W+K London provides a taster of its plans for Three

It’s about time the UK produced a decent mobile network campaign, too often the answer has been chucking loadsamoney at an idea that’s stale before it’s time (yes, Vodafone). T-Mobile (now part of Everything Everywhere with Orange) has produced some ...

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Shouldn’t Volkswagen just give up with the Beetle?

Volkswagen, aka VW, is launching a new VW Beetle, yet another attempt to renew the eponymous car that made the company’s fortunes in the 1930’s and the next few decades afterwards (there was a war in the middle, obviously) but ...

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Can Prince William and Kate escape to a brand-free universe?

It looks a bit unlikely given the phenomenal global interest in the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton (or Catherine as Buckingham Palace insists on calling her). Two billion people worldwide allegedly watched the Royal Wedding in London’s Westminster ...

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