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Google-branded Android tablets go online – is this another win for Apple after BlackBerry retreat?

Unmistakable stress signs among competitors appear to herald a tectonic shift in the smartphone sector in favour of Apple. One rival RIM – maker of Blackberry – has retired hurt from the consumer ring. Another, Apple’s principal adversary in the ...

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Can Bango unlock mobile ads for Facebook?

Potential investors in Facebook are fretting that the social network, due for a $100bn IPO later this year, has no evident mobile advertising strategy. But just a year ago Facebook followers were bemoaning the absence of a credible advertising strategy ...

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Google in race to find new revenue streams as search stalls

It’s tough in the tech market these days and not just for the likes Yahoo, whose founder Jerry Yang departed this week, and BlackBerry owner RIM which is believed to be seeking a rescue from Samsung. Now even the mighty ...

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IBM came back from the grave, Kodak never will

The imminent arrival of Kodak at the bankruptcy court underlines a curious paradox about technology brands. They come about by, in some way, incarnating a bold invention. They end because they have become too brittle and resistant to precisely the ...

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StrawberryFrog agency looks for a buyer

Word reaches me that StrawberryFrog, the maverick international advertising network, has hoisted a discreet ‘For Sale’ sign. Whether it will succeed in its objective is open to doubt, as will be seen below. First a little background. StrawberryFrog – curiously ...

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