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Tabloid hate figure Bazalgette is new chair of ITV

ITV has taken the rather brave step of appointing Sir Peter Bazalgette (below) as its new non-executive chairman, taking over from Archie Norman who oversaw the revival of the channel alongside CEO Adam Crozier. Bazalgette is well qualified: he sits ...

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WPP’s GroupM will still advertise on the UK’s Channel 4 – whether they agree a new deal or not

Various commentators are still getting exciting about the supposedly imminent pulling of about £200m of WPP-owned GroupM business from UK terrestrial broadcaster Channel 4 as the two parties have failed to reach agreement on a 2013 deal. The argument, as ...

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Confused.com wants a back-seat driver in your car

Fit a black box in your car and slash those top-heavy insurance premiums at a stroke. That’s the intriguing new pitch from Confused.com, one of the UK’s biggest price comparison services. Apparently, the European Court of Justice has ruled that ...

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Richard Desmond gets his timing spot on with purchase of Five

“Bring me lucky generals,” said Napoleon. One wonders quite what l’empereur would have made of the !8th century equivalent of Richard Desmond (they’d probably have got on famously) but Dessie, who recently paid £103m for UK terrestrial broadcaster Five, seems ...

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C4’s Andy Duncan trousers £1.4m – is this a payment for failure?

Well it is public money after all so it’s reasonable to ask the question. Recently-departed Channel 4 CEO Andy Duncan ‘earned’ the above sum in the last year through salary, payment of his one year rolling contract plus bonus and ...

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