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Coronavirus: is there a brighter side for brands?

By Archie Heaton Let’s get the obvious out of the way first – Coronavirus is bad. In fact, as someone whose brother has a supressed immune system and severe asthma, I’m all too aware of how bad. But, regardless of ...

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Adland’s search for equality misses the target in Brexit Britain

By Archie Heaton London’s liberal bubble was well and truly popped last week when those working in advertising shockingly discovered that the British people had voted for Boris Johnson. To make matters worse, Shoreditch was equally perplexed to find out ...

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How psychographics explain who you are and help to win an election near you

By Archie Heaton Ever since the Cambridge Analytica scandal, the murky world of psychographics has come under increasingly intense scrutiny. However, despite this high level of interest, and ink, publicly available explanations of the technique remains scarce. Consequently, a true ...

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