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FMCG brand owners fuel Facebook ad boom

The volume of ad impressions bought by FMCG band owners (and others including cars and drinks) rose 117 per cent between the second and third quarters of 2011. This led to a 33.6 per cent rise in cost per thousand ...

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Facebook cost per click price up 74 per cent, display rates up 45 per cent

Facebook may still have its doubters as an effective advertising medium but that hasn’t stopped a tidal wave of big brand ad money flowing into the social network site. New research by Facebook specialist TBG Digital says the ‘cost per ...

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ITV is set to announce £300m profits from good old spot advertising – so why is it worrying so much about digital?

To put this into context, ITV’s anticipated pre-tax profits of £300m (due to be announced Wednesday) on a revenue of about £2bn nearly all come from the sale of TV spots (up 16 per cent over the course of the ...

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