Zendaya vs Federer: icons clash over thin air for Swiss brand On

Is air tennis really a thing? Only Roger Federer and Zendaya could make a ball-less game of tennis worth watching.

Swiss sportswear brand On has brought the pair together as part of its “Dream On” campaign, combining the (now retired) winner of 20 Grand Slams with the actress who brought audiences to the box office in tennis movie Challengers.

Both have more than a passing connection with On. Federer has an extensive range of footwear for the brand and Zendaya recently became a brand partner, with input into lifestyle, apparel, and sports.

It’s one of those nonsense ads that works because of casting, direction and budget. The polished approach also sets On apart from the sweat and toil that is fetishised in most sports ads. And Federer looks more at home playing without balls than he does making pasta in Barilla ads.

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