London’s Playmaker rebrands in OBE international network

London-based Playmaker Experiential is rebranding as OBE. Playmaker was bought last year by experiential agency network OBE Worldwide following just one year in business.

OBE London’s clients include JPMorganChase, OpenAI, Nike, the NFL, Chicago Bears, Minnesota Vikings, and New York Jets. Managing partners Ian Hayne and James Hogben (below) remain in charge.

Hayne says: “We’re very proud to be a part of the OBE family, and are already seeing substantial growth globally as a result. Our OBE team in London are fortunate to already work with some of the biggest global brands, and are now expanding our portfolio even more in a very exciting time for us.”

OBE Worldwide CEO Deb Lemon says: “We are excited to welcome our new OBE London office, comprised of team members who have been valued partners for many years. This strategic acquisition strengthens our global presence and dedication to delivering experience excellence. Together, we will continue to push creative boundaries and craft impactful programmes that resonate with client audiences worldwide.”

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