TimeTo fires warning shot about Cannes Lions antics

TimeTo is teaming with Cannes Lions to stamp out sexual harassment at the forthcoming festival, producing a guide and a campaign by Lucky Generals on space donated by JCDecaux.

TimeTo chair Pippa Glucklich, CEO of Electric Glue, says: “TimeTo’s collaboration with Cannes Lions cements the shared commitment of both organisations to ensure the Cannes Lions Festival remains a place where creativity thrives and everyone feels safe and respected.

“Through this inaugural partnership and via our bespoke guide, our collective aim is to increase awareness of this important initiative and end sexual harassment in our industry once and for all. Sadly, sexual harassment in the industry still remains a live issue and it is essential that everyone, from industry leaders to employees, is vigilant, well informed and feels safe wherever they are.”

Is Cannes really such a den of iniquity? Maybe, on my rare visits, I’ve just been to the wrong parties. A bit like the instructions you give to a school party on their first trip abroad. Is the ad business really that calllow?

Anyway, MAA’s top team have been told to mind how they go.

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