BETC Paris creatives Simon Carr and Tristan Lenczner: our Top Tips for Cannes

Let’s face it, the two-minute case study video is an art, and over the years it has been perfected to the point where they are near perfect specimens. Impressive as they are, case films can make it difficult to distinguish between work that has had real world impact and work that hasn’t. So when tasked with making our Cannes predictions, instead of focusing on what will undoubtedly impress the advertising pros, our criteria was work that our family and friends saw and loved as much as we did. Our picks are all about authenticity and real-world impact. The ones that genuinely connected with everyday folks, not just the ones that dazzled industry insiders.

Top Tips for Cannes

Solo Stove – Snoop Goes Smokeless

Snoop tricked us all with this one. A great PR stunt that could only work with Snoop Dogg.

CeraVe – Michael CeraVe

The partnership we didn’t know we needed. A reminder that silly still works.

Orange – WoMen’s Football

Everyone and their uncle saw this one. The biggest ‘I wish I’d done that.’

Channel 4 – Channel 4 idents

Breathtaking craft that paints a beautiful portrait of modern Britain that millions of people tuned into every day.

Simon Carr and Tristan Tristan Lenczner are senior creatives at BETC Paris.

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