BBH US mines mad Wall Street in Succession-style ad for Jif spread

No idea if this was timed for the last act of the Mike Lynch fraud trial (Autonomy’s Lynch was acquitted of all fraud charges arising from the $11bn sale of the British UK software company to HPE last week) but BBH US’s latest for Jif chocolate spread features a Succession-style takeover drama with a character who may remind you of a former HPE CEO.

The boys and girls on Wall Street are are scrapping over a merger of peanut butter and chocolate (the two ingredients of a new Jif line.)

BBH US says: “When we got the brief about two titans of taste combining to create Jif peanut butter-and-chocolate-flavored spread, it allowed us to insert ourselves into the most unexpected corner yet: big business mergers.”

Astonishingly big business mergers really are like this: a triumph of adrenalin over sense. Lynch, no pussycat, was pursued by HPE for 12 years and extradited to the US.

Jif, once at P&G, is now owned by J.M. Smucker Co. Orrville, Ohio. You couldn’t make that up either.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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