At Cannes, it’s all about who’s got the biggest yacht – or is it?

In a reversal of the usual Cannes one-upmanship, agency BigSmall is proudly hosting on the smallest yacht on the French Riviera later this month.

The boat holds no more than two people, has no air conditioning, and won’t be serving canapés or rosé. But it does offer one advantage over the static mega yachts stationed in the harbour – a speedy trip around the bay. BigSmall will be offering jaunts in the vessel, which is skippered by filmmaker and YouTuber Harry Dwyer whose YouTube series, “Going around the UK in a tiny speedboat” has been viewed millions of times.

Ben Cleaver, a founder of BigSmall alongside former Engine and WCRS CEO Matt Edwards, joked: “On the plus side, you won’t get noticed.”

It’s one for thrill-seekers rather than poseurs. Attendees can decide which camp they fall into.

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