Anomaly London ECD Joe Corcoran: my Top Tips for Cannes

Joe Corcoran is executive creative director of Anomaly London

It feels like in the past year we have seen a lot more humour and warmth from brands and creatives. Lightening our moods through beautifully crafted comedy, or the uplifting beats of the 80s and 90s. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, our industry is best when it’s having fun.

EE: Switch off. Drift off. This is the new EE

I’ve seen a lot of EE’s work from Saatchi & Saatchi London, directed outstandingly by Daniel Wolfe. It’s a triumph of a campaign. Accessible to a mass audience but not dumbed down in any way. It’s filled with insight and nuance and unique and detailed moments.

Everyone who knows this campaign has their favourite spot. The ‘Switch Off, Drift Off’ one for me is wonderful. It’s such a good gag using that song. Every family must feel seen in those stories. It’s also really smart for the brand to take a negative in their product and turn it into a positive. Those sorts of truths are rarely handled well. Like the song, it’s an absolute banger of an ad.

Channel 4: Idents

A really beautiful piece of work this past year is Channel 4’s Idents. Again, some wonderful craft from Daniel Wolfe (what a year he has had), 4Creative and the team of directors who managed to stitch together so many beautiful worlds. The full sequence of idents is a mesmerising reflection of the UK. The bar for C4 Identity is so high, so brilliantly crafted. These absolutely meet that and I think most people would be jealous they didn’t make them.

Uber: Best Friends

‘Best Friends’ by Uber. I just love this. It’s not trying to be anything spectacular. It’s just so enjoyable and so well written. From the first awkward exchange you’re invested. I love how simple and understated it is, right through to the campaign line. Often with celebs in advertising it can feel like you’re not really getting them, but De Niro is authentically De Niro. Perfectly played, not too into it, he’s just him, in an ad, not that impressed, not trying too hard and it works brilliantly.

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