Weetabix can solve a national emergency says BBH

Weetabix is one of those venerable British brands (although it’s now owned by Americans) that ought to get creatives channelling their inner Alan Parker.

Its last big effort through BBH was actually a nifty animated spin on the Big Bad Wolf in the agency Three Little Pigs phase (also deployed for the Guardian.) Now it’s back with a more human, a little Parker-ish, effort featuring that supposedly reliable trope, a national emergency because we aren’t eating enough of the breakfast cereal.

Ye gods, some Brits are even eating croissants.

Part of a £10m campaign also including digital, radio, social and PR.

Head of brand Lorraine Rothwell says: “This multi-million-pound investment in our core brand is sure to drive overall category growth as well as reminding our loyal shoppers why Weetabix is the way to get themselves ‘ahead of the day’.”

MAA creative scale: 6.5.

Not fair to compare it to the late Parker’s work but here’s a similarly hyperbolic effort from the great man for Bird’s Eye Beefburgers, a more mundane brand you’d struggle to find. A dry run for his Bugsy Malone surely.

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