‘Only O2’ will take you clubbing with a little blue robot

VCCP is turning the focus onto O2’s bells and whistles for 2024 – this is the first of a new series of “Only O2” ads that will be all about customer perks rather than coverage or hardware.

Customer experience – and loyalty – are the new battleground for brands, and O2 has a pretty good case with its sponsorship of big entertainment venues (and England rugby) allowing priority access to tickets.

Simon Groves, director of brand and marketing at Virgin Media O2, said: “From intimate access to popular artists through our Priority Gig series to once in a lifetime trips across the globe, this campaign celebrates the exclusivity, access and unforgettable experiences our customers can enjoy. As we continue to build the campaign series throughout the rest of this year, we will explore these themes and celebrate what makes Priority stand out.”

David Masterman, Deputy Executive Creative Director at VCCP, said: “Have you ever wondered what Bubl does when not being a brand mascot? They go to see their favourite bands with their mates. We wanted to capture the real emotion and experience of a big night out. The sort of night that you’re still talking to your mates about weeks later – and the sort of experience that O2 customers can get exclusive access to.”

O2 had the most complaints for a pay monthly mobile service in Ofcom’s most recent study of UK consumer grievances, so let’s hope that O2 is looking at its customer service as well as customer experiences.

Bubl looks a bit uncomfortable in the mosh pit and unconvincing at the late night kebab stop, but the campaign is going to be everywhere and the ad does a good job of O2 branding, while stirring up FOMO in other network users.

MAA creative scale: 5

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