Mother London lets it rain on KFC’s ‘summertime’ special burger

If it’s raining it must be BBQ season, is the logic applied in Mother’s new ad for KFC’s Ultimate BBQ Burger.

The breezy soundtrack and carefree vibe spell summer dreams, while the torrential rain represents a more realistic take on the likely weather forecast. Either way KFC, we are led to believe, will bring a sunny internal glow all of its own.

Leo Sloley, head of advertising & retail at KFC said: “For most of us, the BBQ season brings to mind gatherings in gardens, complete with the unpredictable weather and food. At KFC we know a thing or two about doing BBQ the right way and are all fired up for fans to try the new Ultimate BBQ Burger this season – whatever the British weather brings.”

Somehow director Sam Pilling – helped along by Michael McDonald singing his 1980s hit I keep forgettin’ – makes this film an enjoyable watch.

MAA creative scale: 7


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