McDonald’s signs ‘pre-nug’ agreement for McNuggets fans

Must be something in the, er, nuggets. Leo Burnett and McDonald’s are becoming very adept at ads that isolate an unexpected slice of life and here’s another: ‘pre-nug’ agreements about sharing McNuggets, riffing on those supposedly legal agreements that never seem to fend off the lawyers.

Here’s the long social version with more of various social media types.

UK and Ireland marketing director Matt Reischauer says: “The eternal debate of whom to share your McNuggets with.. it’s just become a part of our culture. ‘The pre-nug agreement’ acknowledges this and lets fans put their own sharing commitment in writing.”

McD has indeed entered culture in the UK, in large part thanks to Leo. Agencies love this of course, for many creatives it’s their mission in life.

The danger is that you become a tad too clever for your own good and overlook that your first job is to sell more the stuff. So far Leo has resisted such folly.

MAA creative scale; 7.

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