MAA Ad of the Week: Canal+ from BETC Paris

The big ad holding group creative agencies are still struggling to hold their heads above water. M&C Saatchi (admittedly not one of the biggies) recently admitted that its margin on creative was 8% against 22% on some other activities.

Might short films for YouTube and elsewhere be one answer? BBDO CCO David Lubars is retiring after a distinguished career. One of the highlights was his earlier reign at Fallon when he helped launch BMW’s ‘The Hire’ series of short films featuring, inter alia, Clive Owen and Madonna.

These never took off as a genre but, then again, they’ve never quite gone away.

BETC Paris is pretty well-equipped to enter the lists, especially for longstanding client Canal+. Here it is riffing on the way the stars of action films interrupt proceedings to show what good guys they are, rather than getting on with saving people (in this case unfortunate cabin crew member Hélène.)

In the cause of French cinema and shorter films, unlike the current fashion for three-hour bum-crushers like Oppenheimer and whatever Martin Scorsese’s currently making.

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