Heineken goes global with ‘First Ahhh’

Global campaigns are a nightmare (nice work if you can get them, of course) as the message has to be simple (for which often read bland) and, if it’s beer, you can’t state the obvious attractions.

Heineken and Publicis’ Le Pub are, nevertheless, embarking on a global campaign in 75 markets with ‘The First Ahhh!,’ which kind of sums up the problem.

The sub-text is ‘for a fresher world’ and it’s all about the anticipation and delight of sampling a perfectly poured Heineken – if you can find one.

A cynic might say Heineken should sort out its supply chain issues.

Is the pouring business worth the effort? Apparently master brewer, Willem van Waesberghe has been scouring the world to measure the surfaces of bars and tables with ‘The Beer Level’ – a ‘highly scientific’ tool filled with Heineken beer designed to guarantee the perfect pint presentation. So there: doesn’t hurt for Guinness..

Global head Hieneken brand Nabil Nasser says: “As a brand rooted in more than 150 years of brewing heritage, our perfectly balanced, refreshing taste has become known across the world as a great beer to have with friends. ‘The First Ahhh!’ embodies that feeling at the end of the day when you can grab a beer with a group of friends.

“We also want to bring some fun to our true Heineken wit and style. We’re excited to bottle up that unique First Ahhh!’ feeling and share it with the world.”

‘The First Ahhh’ is hardly going to compete with some of the great beer ad lines but, as with most of LePub’s work for Heineken, the rest hangs together well enough.

MAA creative scale: 6.

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