Does Lucozade’s new ‘energy’ pitch fall a little flat?

In the dim-and-distant wasn’t Lucozade supposed to have some medicinal properties? Now it’s owned by Suntory and positioned firmly in the energy drink category, a rival to Red Bull presumably.

Adam&eveDDB is currently in the creative chair and so what you get is well-crafted and to the point, featuring a dance-off between northern soul fans and basketballers.

But what, exactly, is the point? ‘Bring the energy,’ bozo.

Suntory marketing director Elise Seibold says: “The core of this campaign is to celebrate the pure and uncomplicated joy of bringing your everything to the thing you are passionate about. We want audiences to resonate with the energy that they see on screen and what it means to feel on form. Bring The Energy highlights how our brand is always there to keep the motivation and movement going.”

A&E CCO Rick Brim says: “This is a huge moment for Lucozade; ‘Bring the Energy’ is a brilliant brand platform that ignites real passion and positivity. This campaign is all about everyone bringing their all and more.”

Must have left some ‘all’ at home. Needs a twist surely?

MAA creative scale: 5.

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