Can David Beckham ride to the rescue of Stella?

When in trouble send for Becks, seems to be the go-to mantra for the world’s big companies (and some rather iffy states.)

And here’s that boy again (now a much-tattooed 48) trying to dig poor old AB InBev out of another hole. Sales of Stella are down 3% in the US it seems so Mother is off the case and agency du moment Gut on it, with a new global campaign. Because Becks, says AB InBev, is the “epitome of premium values.”

So we have bar-hopping Becks accosted by two ladies (watch it son, they might be nannies..)

A new “brand ambassador” in the form of Dylan Mulvaney didn’t exactly help the same stable’s Bud Light. Becks is far more mainstream than that of course but…

Quite awful in an almost bewildering number of ways.

MAA creative scale; 2.

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