Andrex challenges dreaded toilet taboos in new FCB makeover

Noticed how nasty companies are making a comeback post-pandemic? All that looking after people and working from home seems too be going out the window as the social media airwaves are full of horror stories of corporates trying to rebuild their profits (and C-suite bonuses.) Nasty companies are all over ads just now.

Some of them have always limited so-called toilet breaks of course, riffed on here by FCB London for that famous labrador fan Andrex.

It is, of course, a new “brand platform” – ‘Get Comfortable’ (can you sit on it?) Encouraging the nation to “challenge its toileting taboos” and nurture “a healthy relationship with their everyday bodily functions.”

Fair enough. And it’s funny. Directed by Andreas Nilsson.

Before and after:

Andrex – Get Comfortable – First Office Poo from FCB London on Vimeo.

Andrex – Get Comfortable – Post Poo Euphoria from FCB London on Vimeo.

Top stuff from FCB.

MAA creative scale: 8.5.

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