Adobe and Women’s FA Cup look to future generations

Ahead of the women’s FA Cup final on 12th May, headline sponsor Adobe has launched a campaign starring Manchester City’s Khiara Keating and Arsenal’s Alessia Russo, aimed at younger female players and fans.

Adobe’s ad weaves in some of its Adobe Express editing and generative AI features that help content stand out. All FA clubs have a free subscription to Adobe Express as part of the sponsorship deal, with Russo and Keating attending workshops to help players and clubs get the most out of the service.

Khiara Keating said: “There are millions of girls out there who may not have discovered their love for football because they haven’t been exposed to it yet or for those that have, many still don’t think it could be a career for them. What I hope we’ll do with Adobe is not only bring more fans to the competition but also encourage young girls and women everywhere to believe in their dreams.”

Simon Morris, VP international marketing at Adobe said: “We’ve seen the magic of the Adobe Women’s FA Cup spread across the nation, with sold out matches, celebrated scores, and fan engagement across social rising by staggering numbers round after round. But there are still so many more fantastic stories needing to be told, with so many hungry to tell them.?The speed of, and access to Adobe Express will help fans, clubs and players build connection and community that wins hearts and minds.”

Not outstanding creatively, but it gets its message across in a lively way.

MAA creative scale: 5

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