NCA brings back Dominic West as Nationwide takes pot shot at banking rivals

Dominic West and his (already) long-suffering oppo are back for Nationwide and New Commercial Arts. There’s evidently a series here, will they become Tesco’s Dottie and daughter for financial services?

Nationwide has a pretty good story as a mutual in a UK banking market dominated by clueless big banks like Nat West and Barclays, whose idea of customer service is to make life as difficult as possible. As big banking ‘shareholder value’ panjandrum West exemplifies here.

Nationwide’s Richard Warren says: “We’re continuing our campaign to position Nationwide as a modern and confident challenger to the big banks. We don’t have shareholders, so we can focus entirely on our customers and doing what’s right for them. Our SavingsWatch service (telling customers about better deals) isn’t something new – it’s something we’ve been doing for our customers for years because it’s the right thing to do.”

More detail in this than the first one, so slows it down a bit. Lifted by a good (if predictable) joke at the end. Should annoy rival providers – if ever they noticed what anybody else thinks. Sadly they don’t seem to.*

MAA creative scale: 7.5.

*Santander has reportedly complained to the ASA about the first ad featuring branch closures.

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