M&C boosts new NHS pharmacy service

M&C Saatchi still seems to have a pretty iron grip on government and government-related business, long after the era when Lord Saatchi prowled the corridors of power, and it’s back with “the place to go.” That is, your pharmacist rather than trying in vain to get a GP appointment.

Pharmacists are now allowed to supply some prescription-only medicines when, please note, it’s deemed “clinically appropriate.” So it might not be as straightforward as it seems (nothing involving the NHS and its over-mighty consultants ever is.)

Should have happened years ago, of course.

But indefatigable M&C strikes a perky note.

NHS England’s Phil Bastable says: “People across England already value the support they receive from their local community pharmacy, and with so many living in close proximity to one, they are the perfect spot to offer convenient care for common conditions. With this new campaign, we want to let people know that they can now get some prescription medicines from their local pharmacy, without needing to see a GP – making it quicker and more convenient for them to get the help they need, and taking pressure off general practice services.”

An NHS without doctors…now there’s a thought.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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