Magnum invites us to ‘find the summer’ in tour de force from Lola

Unilever is, if not abandoning, paring back its ‘purpose’ obsession to concentrate on flogging more of its flagship brands – pretty reasonable if you make consumer products – and one such is Magnum.

Magnum is something of a marketing triumph, ice cream aficionados are likely to head in the opposite direction as fast as they can but, somehow or other, it still sells by the shed-load (refrigerated version.) Maybe a good old case of the advertising being the product.

Lola MullenLowe in Spain can usually be relied on to produce something different and it has here: ‘Find your summer’ it says to ice lolly fans in the still-chilly Northern hemisphere (looks this was shot in Grand Central/NYC.)

Clever, different, what’s not to like (maybe a Magnum?)

MAA creative scale: 8.5.

PS Good to see the Lowe network can still produce the goods but why doesn’t IPG drop the Mullen? Doesn’t mean anything outside the US and doesn’t sound creative at all.

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