Have British supermarkets forgotten what ads can do?

Co-op and Lucky Generals part ways

The British Co-op and agency Lucky Generals have parted company after 6 years, reportedly on good terms. The relationship never really took off as the Co-op has not been a heavy advertiser, putting its money into another of the loyalty schemes that infest the supermarket market.

Wherever you go now (apart from Aldi and Lidl) two prices are on offer – a sign of the cost, presumably, of price-matching the German discounters on some lines.

Over the years supermarkets have produced some of the best British advertising but such efforts are thin on the ground now as the money goes elsewhere. This despite the UK bunch having their pick of the country’s best agencies but not, it seems, the best ads.

Lucky Generals seems to have settled into its semi-detached relationship with Omnicom happily enough and will be on the lookout for a supermarket with rather greater advertising ambitions.

Could be a while before you (and, indeed, Lucky Generals) see any more of these.

Perhaps we should be grateful for Aldi’s Kevin the Carrot?

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