VCCP debuts “Will you be next?” campaign for National Lottery

It’s a year since new operator Allwyn appointed VCCP to handle the gaming side of the National Lottery business, while Leo Burnett won the branding and scratch cards.

VCCP is first out the block and while the agency may not have won the overall branding, it is claiming to have “developed a new brand world for Lotto.” (Lotto is the original UK draw that takes place every Saturday and Wednesday.)

There are three ads, each set in an everyday location: a chippy, a cinema and a newsagent. The idea “Will you be next?” is all about persuading more people to enter because they could win big, and is not a million miles from Saatchi & Saatchi’s original 1994 “It could be you” campaign. 

Lucy Buckley, chief commercial officer at Allwyn, said: “Lotto is the heart and soul of The National Lottery, so of course this had to be the first campaign we went live with. The National Lottery really does change lives every day – and this campaign is the first step in our journey of communicating this far and wide.”

Darren Bailes, global CCO at VCCP Group, said: “Over the years, Lotto has lost a bit of that sense of fun and anticipation. We wanted to bring back those emotions, so built our campaign idea around them We wanted to remind everyone that normal people, in normal places, become millionaires every week?”

Allwyn’s stated aim is to offer more games, attract more players, inject more entertainment, create more winners and raise more money for National Lottery funded projects. If enough people see this campaign enough times, the maths should add up.

MAA creative scale: 5.5

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