Former DDB boss Weiss’s new agency promises clients a Quality Experience

Another new wave of creative agencies seems to be outperforming their holding company rivals (Gut and Uncommon Creative Studio, both recently acquired, being perhaps the main examples.)

Now former DDB global CCO Ari Weiss is having a go, forming Quality Experience in the US with a seasoned line-up from Droga5 and McCann.

Weiss is creative chairman (following in the footsteps on one D.Droga.) Joining him are CCO Cristina Reina from McCann, CSO Colleen Leddy and CEO Dan Gonda from D5 (all below.)

Weiss says: “Usually you do this kind of thing with one or two people. To do it with such killer pros at every level, I’ve never seen it done like this. It feels like we’re playing with the most high-performance machine there is.”

CSO Leddy promises a different type of agency: “The old playbook isn’t working. Linear stories have less value than ever before. This will be the first year that television viewership is the minority in terms of channels. There are 400 million stories uploaded to Instagram daily. We want to live in that space—in the way people are consuming across touch points and across culture.”

New agencies always promise a different way of doing things but, as a general once said, even the best plans rarely survive contact with the enemy – in agencies’ case clients. If they’re lucky it’s a good old linear Super Bowl ad.

But QX, as it wants to be known, looks like a grown-up offer and another reason for some clients, at least, to abandon the creative agency establishment.

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