David & Victoria Beckham star in Super Bowl spot for Uber Eats

The meme-worthy “be honest” moment from the Beckham Netflix documentary has turned David and Victoria into a Super Bowl-worthy couple. Uber Eats has snapped them up, as seen in this teaser by agency Special Group, which also promises that Jennifer Aniston will join the Beckhams on the big night. (Although here she is referred to as Jessica Aniston, apparently for the LOLs.)

David is a Super Bowl ad veteran, having appeared in a couple of H&M ads in past years. Their eldest son Brooklyn has also been working with Uber Eats – last week the YouTube chef supplied a five-dish menu for the food delivery service that included his nan’s breakfast sandwich.

Uber Eats has found a couple whose fame crosses the Atlantic, but often the ad frenzy over the Super Bowl serves as a reminder of just how much of a divide there is between UK and US culture. Many of the commercials feature people who are unfamiliar to Brits, and the game itself is similarly impenetrable to many.

Taylor Swift’s romance with Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce has upped international media interest in the game, but otherwise the most globally famous name before the Beckhams showed up was probably Martin Scorsese, who is making his Super Bowl debut this year by directing a commercial for Squarespace.



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