WPP’s VML lands Krispy Kreme as it prepares for 2024 big challenge

WPP’s new enlarged VML, it now also includes Wunderman Thompson as well as the residue of Y&R, is off the mark winning Krispy Kreme in the US.

Krispy Kreme is a famous brand but not, yet, a big advertiser. VML has worked on its digital account before but advertising has been with Fleishman Hillard, which keeps its PR business. Recently Krispy Kreme has spend just $19m in the US on advertising.

Krispy Kreme is majoring on ‘joy’ (didn’t BMW try that for a while?) and CEO Jon Cook says: “What we’re going to be focused on together as an agency and Krispy Kreme, is how do we bring scale and consistency to that idea of joy. And the fun thing about the concept of joy is that it’s very personable, it’s very flexible in how it can manifest itself, and it gives us gives us tons of creative opportunity.”

The new VML officially begins in January 2024. But any decent brand win is timely as the agency sets out to justify WPP CEO Mark Read’s belief that it can be big in terms of creativity and business wins as well as numbers.

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