The Christmas dinner you don’t see in the ads, by Wonderhood

Soup Kitchen London wants to drive donations to fund its annual Christmas dinner for homeless people, and agency Wonderhood Studios has stepped in to help out. Just £5 buys a meal, entertainment and a present for one person.

The campaign features a series of solemn pictures of real-life makeshift meals that homeless people have eaten at Christmas. The stylish photography contrasts with the meagre food to create maximum impact for the work, which will run in Guardian food supplement Feast, You Magazine and The Telegraph.

Tad Buxton and India Penny, creatives at Wonderhood Studios, said: “We wanted to create emotive images that contrast with the extravagant food imagery usually associated with Christmas. At a time when ads and the media are showing idealised tables of food, with imagery of families sitting around to eat, it felt right to remind people that this isn’t the reality for the 271,000 people experiencing homelessness.”

Alex Brown, director of the Soup Kitchen London, said: “Christmas is an especially difficult time of year for those in society that are less fortunate. We believe that every person, regardless of their circumstances, deserves a nourishing meal every day of the year and this sentiment is especially crucial during the festive period.”

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